Cattery of Siberian cats

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Siberian kitten.

Siberian kitten 1. Information on the physiology and content of Siberian kittens. The first 14 days after the birth of most of the time the baby either sleeps or eats - this is his normal state. The host's concern is Siberian kitten should cause the following alarming signs in the behavior of the baby: the kitten does not suck or constantly peep. This means that either the mother's milk is not enough or the kitten feels unwell. In such a situation, a veterinarian should be called as soon as possible to examine the animal and prescribe an adequate treatment. At birth and some time after it, the eyes of the kitten are closed. They open after a couple of weeks from the time of birth, and sometimes even earlier. Swollen, stuck eyelids, swollen with pus - this is a serious reason for concern. That's why the veterinarian's phone must be in the owner's notebook of the crumbs.

Vaccination of Siberian kittens.

2. At 2.5-3 months of age, the time for vaccination begins. Before the vaccination, the kitten must undergo a course of treatment for intestinal parasites. The duration of the course of gelification is 14 days. Vaccination is carried out in 2 stages. First, the animal from nursery is implanted from such diseases as calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia. After 3 weeks, a second vaccination is carried out, a rabies vaccine is added to the complex. Information on vaccination of the Siberian kitten is entered in the veterinary passport of the animal.