Cattery of Siberian cats

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Vaccination of the Siberian kitten: what is worth considering?

1. Toddler is fun, cheerful, well eats, and his mucous membranes in perfect order? Then it's safe to register for vaccination, although the breeder should have taken care of this issue. But if the "cat" overcomes worms, it is sick and weak, but there can be no question of vaccination until the kitten completely recovers. A cat, along with its milk, gives its child so much that it is useful that up to three months of age you can not worry about any vaccinations. It is the antibodies that enter the body of a kitten with the milk of his mother, perfectly protect the child from all the diseases that cats suffer. You do not need to run ahead of the locomotive and vaccinate your baby ahead of time, because such an unreasonable act can simply kill the immunity of a young "Siberian".

Schedule of vaccination.

Vaccination of the Siberian kitten, photo 1. 10-12 weeks after birth, the baby is first vaccinated. It does not include protection against rabies, but it helps to protect the kitten from dangerous feline infections. The
2. After three or four weeks, the procedure is repeated, and already then, as part of the vaccination for Siberian kitten you can find protection against rabies. The
3. The next vaccination against rabies is done when the animal is one year old.
4. Poliovaccine from the whole bouquet of diseases is introduced into the kitten's organism for the first time in three months (see above), then in a couple of weeks, and the next time - only after a year. The
5. Annual vaccination is the direct responsibility of the owner of an animal or breeder of a specialized Siberian Cat Cattery . On the picture: kittens of Siberian breed from the nursery.

Can I not get vaccinated?

3. Of course, you can! Only a general favorite can suddenly fall ill and as a result, a lot of effort will be required for treatment. In addition, without the availability of relevant documents, indicating that the vaccination was carried out in full and on time, participation in exhibitions and other events is impossible. And no normal owner of the individual of the opposite sex will not give his consent to mating.