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About the Breed of a Cattery The Tale of Siberia!

Siberian cat - national pride of Russia. What Russian man did not hear about the existence of this, one of the most beautiful, breed of cats. Occurs, apparently, from spontaneous crossing of local aboriginal people cats with imported from other countries, including Middle East and East Asia. Siberian cat - the first domestic breed over which from the founding of the first club of cat lovers began to work Russian felinologists, The first Russian breed of cats, recognized abroad. Only since 1987 in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and later in other cities, work began on the breeding of this domestic breed of cats. In 1992 the breed was recognized by WCF (World Cat Federation) and in 1997 by the World Federation of Cat Fanciers (FIFe). Thanks to the unique properties of cats of this breed and the great work of Russian felinologists, today this the breed received a huge, simply amazing recognition in the whole world, considering the short period of existence in our country of clubs of felinologists. It is difficult even to list the countries in which the breeding is currently conducted Siberian cats: Australia, England, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland ... Thanks to the enthusiasm of lovers of Siberians, our wonderful breed has become popular all over the world today.

At the moment, the breed is fully recognized by the largest European and American international organizations FIFE, TICA, CFA, WCF, ACFA, CFF, UFO, FIAF. Work is underway to obtain the championship status in organizations GCCF, CFA.

What is it that attracted the whole world our native breed? The natural harmonious beauty of the appearance, power, simplicity of care for its rather long, but not requiring special care wool, sociable, but unobtrusive character, a lively mind, a variety of colors and its slight allergic. Not only for Russians, for whom this breed is from childhood a native, but for foreigners it is the embodiment of a real cat, wild, natural beauty and health. This is what a real Siberian cat looks like, as if a cat that had just emerged from the Siberian taiga forests: large, strong, heavy, with a stern, as if slightly out of the eyebrows look, independent, but loving her master. Many owners of cats, containing several breeds at the same time, note that Siberians are one of the most intelligent, easily trained, the most they are often the heads of clans, if there are many animals in the house, they are loyal to the owner, not to the house of cats.

Eto krupnoye zhivotnoye s muskulistym telom: ves kota ot 6 do 10 kg, koshki ot 4 do 6 kg; vazhno vyshagivayet na prizemistykh okruglykh, moshchnykh lapakh s puchkami shersti mezhdu pal'tsami, razmakhivaya shirokim, sil'nym u osnovaniya, khorosho opushennym, dlinnym khvostom, na zadnikh konechnostyakh shtany. Golova okruglaya shirokaya, v khoroshey proportsii k telu, pryamoy nos sredney dliny, slegka vypuklyy lob, nebol'shoy perekhod ot lba k nosu, nizkiye skuly; polnyye, sil'nyye shcheki, dlinnyye usy i brovi, shirokiy podborodok; ushi shirokiye u osnovaniya sredney velichiny. It is a large animal with a muscular body: the weight of a cat is from 6 to 10 kg, cats from 4 to 6 kg; it is important to walk on squat, round, powerful paws with bunches of wool between fingers, waving wide, well pubescent, long tail, pants on the hind legs. The head is round, wide, in good proportion to the body, straight nose of medium length, slightly convex forehead, small transition from forehead to nose, low cheekbones; full, strong cheeks, long mustaches and eyebrows, wide chin; ears wide at the base of medium size. Eyes large, smart, green or yellowish in color, widely spaced, a luxurious collar emphasizes its splendor, and complete the portrait of this cute domestic beast with charming tassels on the ears. Standard color agouti. There are also rare colors: blue, silver, black smoke, marble, bicolor, red.

The nature of the "Siberians" is very independent, they are excellent hunters. And at home this imposing affectionate creature, capable of removing any stress from its owner. Siberians are very fond of when they are treated on an equal footing, these cats - partners by definition. Have a sense of self-worth. They are never intrusive, but they love to talk with the owner, to talk about their affairs. At the same time are extremely attentive and understanding listeners. Faithful friends of their master, patient toys in the hands of children. The cat is quite mobile, affectionate, playful, unpretentious and hardy. Well adapted to living conditions in moderate and medium latitudes. He is not afraid of water. It goes well with dogs of any breed. Its representatives are distinguished by strong health and a high life expectancy.

The wool of the Siberian cat is beautiful, dense, water repellent. It does not require special care, since it does not roll down. They molt twice a year, which greatly facilitates the struggle to maintain cleanliness in the house. This is one of the few breeds of cats that can and loves to care for their hair. She also loves when the owner also combs her soft, silky fur coat. Natural beauty, health, simplicity of content made this cat popular and beloved by the population.

Standard Siberian Cat breed by WCF

This version of the standard was adopted by the General Assembly of the WCF in August 2002 in Italy.

Breed: - Siberian.

Breed Index: - SIB

General characteristics: strong, massive, muscular, with a strong bone structure, animals from medium to large size, smaller cats. Wool of medium length, dense, with pronounced covering hair

Body: From medium to large, muscular, heavy. Short, dense neck, muscular limbs of medium length; paws compact, large, round, with brushes between toes. The tail is up to the shoulder blades, slightly tapering towards the end, evenly pubescent, with abundant undercoat.

Head: Short and wide with low set wide cheekbones, rounded muzzle and chin, slightly bulging forehead, smooth rounded contours and a slight transition in the profile. Nose wide, even throughout the entire length.

Ears: Of medium size, broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips. Set wide, slightly inclined forward.

Eyes: Large, slightly oval with a round lower eyelid, set wide and at a slight angle. The color of the eyes should be uniform and harmonize with the coat color. We admit any shade from yellow / golden to green.

Wool: Medium length, with a very dense undercoat of soft and fine texture, covered with a coarser coat of hair. Thick, smoothly covering the back and flowing to the sides and tail of the integumentary hair is shiny and water-repellent, the texture is hard, hard. The lower part of the body and the rear surface of the hind legs do not have a covering hair. On the neck, chest, "panties" and tail, the wool is especially long.

Colors: Varieta color-point is called "Neva Masquerade." Chocolate, cinnamon and the corresponding weakened colors (purple and fawn) are not recognized in any combinations (monochrome, bicolor, tricolor, tabby) both in classical colors, and in the Neva Masquerade Variety. Burmese colors are also not recognized. All other colors are recognized, descriptions are in the list of colors. Any amount of white is acceptable.

Condition: healthy, strong, well-groomed cat.

Disadvantages: a straight profile, a "Persian" type, a long, light, narrow head or muzzle. Flat cheeks, high cheekbones, weak chin. Small, round, deep-set eyes. Large or narrow set ears, direct or high set, ears of "Persian" type (small, low set, overly pubescent). Short or excessively stretched body, graceful type, weak bones, small paws. Slender long neck. Short, badly pubescent, sharp tail. Wool without undercoat, too coarse or "downy", dull on the back and croup Ball score at the examination of Siberian cats at WCF exhibitions. The
Head - (including the shape of the eyes and ears) - 30 points (form - 15 points, profile - 5 points, eyes - 5 points, ears - 5 points). Body - (body and limbs) - 35 points (type and format - 15 points, size - 5 points, limbs - 10 points, tail - 5 points). Wool - 30 points (texture - 25, color and figure - 5). Consistency - 5 points.