Cattery of Siberian cats

traditional color

The fairy tale of Siberia!

Ural Tale of Siberia

Ural Tale of Siberia

Father: Ural Tale of Siberia.
Color - black.

Mother: Angelur Zolotko.
Color - tortie spotted with white.


Kittens: Litter К.
Date of Birth: 20.11.2021.

3 girls
Colors: black spotted with white, black marbled tortoiseshell with white, black spotted.

Angelur Zolotko

Angelur Zolotko

Cranberry (left!).

color girl:
black spotted with white.

Cinnamon (left!).

color girl: black marble tortoiseshell with white.

Strawberry (left!).

color girl:
black spotted.

General photos of kittens!