Cattery of Siberian cats

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Advantages of Siberian kittens from the nursery.

Advantages of Siberian kittens from the nursery. 1. Background of the cattery of Siberian cats Сказка Сибири. Beginning of breeding work on breeding Siberian animals: 2010, the official registration of the kennel in the WCF system occurred in 2016. Our pets holders of titles Big international champion, World Champion. Kittens from the nursery live in Russia, CIS countries, as well as Europe and the United States. Currently there are 2 breeding cats in the kennel - champion: Angelur Bajun and Taimyr Simbirtsit of Angelur. Cats of our cattery: [1 *] Angelur Marfush, [* 2] Angelur Solar Tale, [* 3] Angelur Gourmet.

Acquisition of the Siberian kitten.

2. Acquisition of the Siberian kitten from the nursery - the main advantages of buying kittens from the nursery. Let's briefly dwell on the main advantages of purchasing thoroughbred kittens in a specialized Siberian breed cattery The Tale of Siberia. Firstly, our cattery is certified in the world's leading felinological organizations. Selective work is conducted for 8 years, our kittens take prizes in mono-breed shows, held in Moscow and European cities. So, for example, kitten of Siberian breed Artist from our kennel became a prize-winner - the best junior among the monobreed ring.

Kittens of the Siberian breed - metric, veterinary passport, pedigree.

3. Another advantage of buying a kitten in the nursery is properly organized care for the baby. The complex of vaccinations ensures the formation of a stable immunity to dangerous diseases. Balanced nutrition and the constant care of the mother's cat form the strong health of the kitten. When half a month is reached, all our kittens undergo an examination in the felinological organization of Moscow with the design of the metric, which records information on the conformity of the breed standard of the Siberian cat and the color of the kitten. Buy a Siberian kitten from the nursery is the most rational way to purchase a thoroughbred pet from titled representatives of the Siberian breed.