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Acquisition of the kitten - pricing.

Acquisition of the kitten - pricing 1. Siberian breed - the only aboriginal breed in the territory of the Russian Federation, whose origin was influenced solely by natural factors. The average weight of cats reaches 8-10 kilograms, the animal has a strong musculature and pronounced leadership qualities. Since 1990, selective work with Siberians has been conducted in Russia and outstanding results have been achieved in 20 years. On photo 2: the Siberian kitten Barin from Fairy Tale of Siberia , August 2016, Moscow. Representatives of the Siberian breed won championship titles at the most prestigious exhibitions in the world. The first champion of the world according to the WCF version was a representative of Siberian breed, 3-year-old cat Chim-Chim from Moscow. The championship took place in Prague, more than 350 representatives of Siberian color-points and cats of standard color took part in the general ring.

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2. What determines the prices for thoroughbred kittens. The origin of the Siberian kitten from a specialized nursery is a kind of quality sign. A priori the baby has made all the necessary vaccinations, issued the veterinary passport, the kitten is activated and a metric is put on it, on the basis of which the pedigree will be made out. In addition, all the data on the baby's parents, their titles, pedigree, analyzes, habits and character. For example, by purchasing Siberian kitten from our kennel from the following parents.

- Siberian cat Angelur Bajun, a great international champion.
- Siberian cat Taimyr Simbirtsit of Angelur - world champion. The
- Cat Pearl of the Neva, World Champion.

Classes of Siberian kittens.

3. You get guarantees that the Siberian kitten has all the breed standards and can be involved in breeding work, as well as taking part in exhibitions. Prices for Siberian kittens from the kennel vary in a fairly wide range. Often the cost of kittens from the same litter can be different. Rates directly depend on the class of the kitten. There are 3 main classes of kittens. Show - animals of high class, exhibition copies, meet the standard and can claim the title of champions. Brides are animals that do not meet the requirements of the breed, but are quite suitable for breeding. Pet - combines specimens that do not meet the requirements of the breed standard.

Sold Siberian kittens from our cattery.

4. Information about the sold kittens from the nursery Tale of Siberia. Litter B: father - Angelur Bajun, title: Grand International Champion, mother: Astra Zhemchug Neva, Siberian breed, traditional color. Offspring: kitten Kommandor, color: black spotted, age at time of sale - 93 days, vaccinations - marked, veterinary passport - issued. The kitten is active in the felinological club of Moscow. Kitten Wizard, sib breed - Siberian, color: black tiger, age at time of purchase: 87 days. Vaccinations, veterinary passport, metric - in stock. The pedigree is issued on 5.09.2016 year.