Cattery of Siberian cats

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Features of the maintenance and care of the Siberian cat.

Features of the maintenance and care of the Siberian cat Care of the coat. Wool of cats Siberian breed requires special care due to its density and length. There's nothing to be done - your pet will have to be combed. For this purpose, you will have to worry about purchasing a set of special scallops with different tooth frequencies. To the animal is loyal to such procedures, it must be taught to them from early childhood. Siberian cat should not stay in the sun for a long time (although she likes to soak under his rays), because ultraviolet negatively affects the condition of the coat. Not only that the wool simply burns out, and, unevenly, so also the hairs tend to thinning. But the cat is not particularly fond of bathing, but at least twice a year they should be washed. No need to worry that in the absence of careful care wool will lose its properties, and the cat will freeze during winter walks. Nothing of the kind, since nature itself has foreseen everything and the animal will not suffer in any way from the fact that the master suddenly forgets to comb it in time. This is rather an aesthetic aspect, rather than physiological.

Care for claws and ears.

On the "beauty claws" the cat will take care of itself, the owners also need to purchase a special nail, so that the pet does not whet its nails on the upholstered furniture. Cleaning the ears is similar to brushing from childhood. An adult animal does not get used to hygienic procedures badly, therefore it is necessary to do such education almost after birth Siberian kitten , and the frequency water procedures must be at least 1 time in six months. Earwax and dirt are easily removed with a cotton swab impregnated with vaseline oil. It will not be superfluous to have preventive examinations at the veterinarian with a frequency of once every six months. If you have any questions about caring for Siberian kitten or an adult animal, please contact the experts of the nursery "The Tale of Siberia"

Feeding the Siberian cat.

Siberian cats do not need any delicacies, because they are not too choosy in eating, although they will not eat anything either. Owners need to take care that the ration was full, because these animals are quite active and require a full set of useful substances that can support their life. Of course, it is appropriate to give your pets all sorts of ready-made food, but only quality. In general, "Siberians" are predators. Consequently, they adore meat and fish. To maintain activity It is strongly recommended to enrich their diet with meat products of natural origin:

· Chicken,
· Rabbit meat
· Boiled by-products;
· Chopped beef and lamb.

But the fish should be cooked and boneless.